The last Utopia. The pen and the paper.

Utopia of the pen and the paper.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Last freedom is the mind. Can’t control the mind completely. Always hope hiding somewhere.



                              Utopia of the pen and the paper.

In the sixties. There was a good dream.
We support to be working 32 hours a week and enjoying art, poetry and music by the year 2000.
The Utopia dream fell apart by poor decisions and incompetent leaders.

Utopia had become a forgotten dream and word.
People believe work is life. Life is work. People had become like cattle waiting for the slaughter by
a government that had lost control.

The media is controlled.
A waiting list for men and women taking the chance on war than finding work in a desperate times.

Poor kids are looking for answers and reasons to try.
The USA flag bleed of distaste for peace and poor young people pay the price.
America the beautiful. Is America with 47 million people on welfare.
One in four are going to bed hungry.

Utopia of the pen and the paper is our last chance.
We must express what we need and want.
We must demand change.

I tell the kids.
Education, education and more education.
Travel, test life and have fun. Don’t allow the liars to destroy their hope.

There is Utopia for the wise.
Love, dance and test life.
Ride the big storms in the great sea. Climb to the highest mountain peaks.
Know pleasure and have many good days of laughter and good friends near.

I believe like the great Neil Young quote. “Times are a-changing.”
We are strong in the USA.
The Utopia of the pen and paper cannot be controlled.
Free-will and dreams cannot be killed off.
Strong people will survive and become stronger my friend.
If no-one volunteers for the police actions.
Would we have Soldiers?
Yes we would. The draft.

Dreamers lead with their hearts. Utopia is far away today.
Dreamers still dream. People are tire of war.
We must write, create art and music.
Ensure Utopia is felt by the kids.

kids need to know they are safe and sound.
Not future Soldiers for a Government with war as their tool.

Freedom my friend. Is missed when it is gone.
Utopia of the pen and paper. Use it wisely.
Our choices today will balance the future of this generation and the next.