When Nature’s grieve part four –A new beginning

New beginning

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


It is terrible. We must lose everything to appreciate the good things.



New beginning

Mars picked up kelly and carried her away. He sat on a rock with tears falling. She was breathing weakly and nothing he could do. Nature head the crying of Mars. She went to him. From a distance she is amazed how the most powerful man and God has fallen to a protector of one child. She went to him. She whispered she is only tired. Nature caressed Kelly face.

Her eyes opened and smiled. She asked Beatrice. Did you come to help me? She told her I will do what I can. Mars saw the aging in kelly face. Her gift took from her. He knew if she kept healing she would not live long. Kelly looked at Mars and asked. Would you died to save a child? He told her yes and then she smiled.She told him her life would only be useful. 
 If she bring back life to this planet.  Mars shake his head in a sad agreement.

Satan had a plan. He sent a force of men. They killed the two young men who protected Kelly. Mars slaughtered the force of men. He took Kelly to many villages and she healed the land. Kelly was nineteen today. Her face and body was old and tire. Mars carried her most of the way to new cities. She would sing to the earth and she would cure the soil. Touch the trees.  Heal the dying Earth with her love.

 For three years she healed. Lost most of her strength. Nature came to Mars as Kelly lays in his arms. She touched her face. She whispered it is time to take her home. The village people surround her house. The story of a Angel who brought life back to Earth was now a written story.  The new generation of woman and men were kinder and thankful for the gifts of nature. Kelly was twenty years old. Beatrice held her hands and with tears in her eyes.

 Powerful Nature couldn’t save Kelly and it broke her heart. She begged God to help this child. Mars was sitting alone.
The wood Nymphs were praying. Then begin to dance.  Mars ask why are you happy? The wood Nymphs leader told him.
Today will be a miracle. Life will come back to Earth. Beautiful Kelly will bring life to all the planet today.

Mars looked at them and ask would she die? The wood nymphs just sang and dance. Mars sat on the porch. Kelly Alexander didn’t wake up for three days. He looked to the sky. Damn God for allowing this to happen. He hear a voice.
A large man dressed in white with a beautiful  smile.  Asked Mars did you miss me? He answered where have you been God of mercy?

Mars heard a voice. Kelly came outside and told Mars. Meet my friend  Jesus. He talked to me in my dreams. Mars catches Kelly. Nature stand behind and then  hugged the man dressed in white. God told her she will be fine. He touched Natures’s face.

 Kelly awoke. Her beautiful face and smile came back. She rose up and hugged the man. Mars and Nature with the village watched as the man called God whispered to Kelly. She turned to the village. Told them I’m leaving you. But I will never leave you. In my life I brought life. In my death I will become  the spirit of life. The rebirth of Earth is now. Please be kind to this world. Don’t pollute it. Don’t destroy everything that is beautiful. Be kind to your family and neighbors.

Kelly Alexander turn so beautiful. Her  hair shine of red and  her eyes became blue as a morning sky. I’m the Goddess of Life now. Don’t cry for me in death. I will always be with you. The Earth recieved a light rain. Life was rebirth in all four corners of the world. The Goddess of Life Kelly Alexander smiles and then disappears.

Mars and Nature goes back into the house. Kelly is laying cold and dead on the bed. God walked in. He Told them she is fine. She is healing the world with her love. Mars asked why didn’t you help? His  answer was simple. Men and woman needed  to learn to be kind and take care of their home.

This Earth is the temple of life.
 Sometime you must go to hell to appreciate heaven.