Without ME

Powerful words and amazing song by a talented writer. Please read and listen to her words and her songs.

Everything I Never Told You


Today I stand by the window.
staring out at the world
The light from the sun
splitting the room in two.
I converse with the air,
who informs me my
opinions are really
insignificant in a world
still millenniums away
from knowing my name.
I scoff and return to my
window shopping.

Amazed by all the people
out on the street, while I
stand alone. I’m astonished
that I’m not the ball being
bounced or the laughter
that follows.

I notices the red
tulip, forming a path
of fire in the yard
and marvel that
they can thrive
without me.

I think about my daughters
out with their friends,
Somewhere I am not,
having forgotten the days
when they use to cling
to my legs. They
go on without me.

Right now, people are
filling their bodies with
food, with each other,
decisions about the
history of the world

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