Peace, sweet and kind words forgotten.

Peace, sweet and kind word forgotten.(Quotes)

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Just words.


Peace, sweet and kind word forgotten

We send our best. The young and strong men and women to war. They return different.  Then the government  wants to know why they are angry? They were taught to kill and fight. To learn death and great sadness. Who do we blame? Old men in Washington will send them and then steal their benefits. No winner in war my friend. Allow nations that swim in hate. To repair their own problems. Did the thousands lost in the Middle East sand in the past 25 years.  Changed our world?

Father never complained. He fought the Korean war to his death. He talked to dead friends buried in the Korea dirt when the rum kicked in. He had his medals upon the wall of the living room. I watched war movie with him for 45 years. He would choose characters in the movies for me and him. He ensured he saved me in every movie. He told me once. I will find the men I couldn’t save one day and I will apology.  I learn later the same emotion. I stand by friend killed in the new wars. I whispered to them. I should have been near to save you. I’m sorry I stand alive and you are not.

Soldiers stand together. Old soldiers or new soldiers.  When you find war and swim in the garbage of war. It is a permanent scar. Old Soldiers don’t talk of regret. They talk of men missed and laughter shared

Let it be.  Young man walked into my work. Slowing walked through the store. I asked him. Did he need a cart. He got angry and he told me. I will walk till I can’t.  I apologies and offered him my name. We talked. He told me he was  in a roll-over  accident in Iraq. he was dying. He told me. He wanted death. He didn’t want the medical help. Was too much pain and no chance to live a normal life. I told him I served. We stood and talked for an hour. I told him. Please seek  the medical treatment. You are important. He thanks me for my kind words and shook my hand. He told me. I have accepted death. I will be okay. Two week later. I saw his photo in the paper. Young soldiers found his peace. War can be far away. When war is alive and well. All of us will know her.

John Castellenas/Coyote