Suicide! Who is the culprit?

Something to think about by a talented writer. Please read her work.

Happily shattered

Suicide! who is culprit?

“Suicide?” Such a coward action! Why did he do it? Was he suffering from depression or mental illness, but that’s not a right decision! He shouldn’t have done it! He can ask the help from the people around him or can discuss it with the family! He is such a coward person! Life is beautiful, why did he just spoil it for some problems! He could have been strong! He shouldn’t have given up!

Yes, we are so judgemental. We are always ready with our so called (& neither asked nor needed) advice and judgements too, but have we tried to figure out what’s the real story? I think it takes lots of guts to end your world, end your life, and separate yourself from your family and friends, to leave yourself with so many incomplete wishes and unfulfilled desires, and to leave your name with a stigma of SUICIDE…

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