Ancient Love

A amazing poem by a talented writer. Please read and enjoy the good words.


I walked along the ancient city,

No statue compared,

No dream more perfect than reality.

I would bring down Troy,

As certain as there is life,

For but a brush of cool lips.

I would conquer the world.

You bring all others to shame

I can scarcely meet your gaze,

Fearful of recognition’s spark

In your almond eyes.

All seeing and wicked wit

I am struck full of awe,

When you but sip your tea,

Hiding smarting sneer

I know it is her come again in you,

Still she can hardly compare

Why must one such as you

Be the one to haunt me

For eternity, I am the weak archer

The morose lover in the tomb,

Potion in hand and dagger

Lain at your feet.

They always take you first.

They know that I will follow

You, time and again,

In less than a heart beat,

A dagger far…

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