Old fashion Morphine

Old fashion Morphine

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

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Old fashion Morphine

Oh sweet Jenny stole my vision. Her short red dress allowed me to see her perfect long legs. Her skin color of  peaches and tempting softness made me order a double shot of Jack Daniel.

She wore a low cut blouse allowing my eyes to fall from beautiful hazel eyes to perfect full breasts. She walked in red high heels toward me like a predator seeking a meal. I drank the Jack Daniel as she  stood in the front of me. Her blazing red hair seemed more red tonight and she asked me. “Where you been Johnnie. You promised me bed time stories and to whisper sweet words of love forever. I waited for you and now I want more. You allowed me to fantasy of the things I shall do to you, my lover.”

I ordered two long Island ice teas and I caressed uncovered neck and shoulders. I told her. ‘You are old fashion morphine sweet Jenny. Every time I touch your warm skin and when you give me those warm kisses. I imagine things I cannot have. I’m becoming addicted to you and I’m afraid if I learn to need you. You will leave me one day and all I would have is to bleed need and want for the sweet kiss of your morphine touch and to fall in the heat of your body.”

Beautiful Jenny smiled and licked her lips. Her smile sweet as a innocence angel. She whispered. Dear Johnnie, baby and lover. Love demand payment and flesh demand attention. We will play master and slave. We will play lover and hater. If we are scare to do the midnight dances where lovers find their true peace and pleasures. What will you know? Love is free and wild. Not locked-up and planned. Dear Johnnie, drink your Long Island ice tea and let’s wander to my place. The night is long and we will lock the doors and find new places to embrace and discover.”

I drank my drink and I watched Jenny drink her Long Island ice tea. Her eyes, now bluer than blue now. I saw wild sea and perfect place in her eyes. She reached over and gave me sweet warm kisses and took my hand. I followed her like a desperate man. She knew. I liked old fashion morphine and I was addicted to her.

John Castellenas/Coyote