-A lullaby for organized chaos

A lullaby for organized chaos

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Words and thoughts. I hope you enjoy.


                          A lullaby for organized chaos.

We shall dance in heaven, earth and in hell.
May never find the place we know peace and calm.

We will spiral through spiritual and inflicted pain and pleasure.
Be seduced by words and beauty.
The traveling spirit will never know where to rest.

Old faces, places and  struggles will lead us to a dead-end.
A epic journey rarely end in happiness.
Broken dreams and promises will leave us with wishes.
We were kinder and held on to love.

Old men have solemn vision.
Their hidden strength laid in things lost and cannot be forgotten.
Organized chaos is led by men who desire knowledge and held on to nothing.

The vengeful justice of life is fair.
In the silence of lonely nights.
Great things of beauty haunt the traveler.
His words become empty and painful.

Old man by the sea whispered.
“I’m gone and you are here. I hear the whispers of your sweet voice in the in the silence of lonely night.”

Men seduced by chaos and seeking knowledge without bounds.
Find comfort in good whiskey and old memories.
A sad ending to a long life.