The Water, Sky and the Earth. The long walk.

The Water, Sky and the Earth. The long walk.

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


Finally adding to the chapters of one of my stories.


  The long walk

“When death is close. Seconds become hours, hours become days, days become lifetimes. Each out-reach of life, human touch and kindness become an precious gift.”

“The mind is barely used. We dance upon the knowledge we can grasp and rarely test the mind. If we used the layers of the mind numbed by false teaching. What greatness could be learn and done.”

“Men had cured cancer with prayer. They used the natural herbs to stop the growth of the sickness in the body. Strong mind and spirit can make body and mind fight the sickness and become strong. If we treat our body and mind with respect. Life can be long and fruitful.”

Coyote sat in the sweat-lodge with Red Fox. They held silence. Don Francis told them not to speak and allow the heat to sweat the poisons out of the body. Coyote like the smell of burning stone and herb. He watched his friend. The man did not fear death. He was a warrior. He had fought against dislike for his skin and face his complete life. Fought in faraway wars and he had survived. Now the war had found him. Don Francis told them. His cancer was man-made. Poison from the sky cannot be cleansed. Just slowed down. Red Fox told him. “Death is always near. Just waiting for us to give-in or give-up. I’m not ready to leave you yet.”

From dusk to early morning. Jackeline, Little Wolf, Coyote and Red Fox held silence. A  hard silence. Coyote saw the sadness and concern in Little Wolf face. She was praying and holding Jackeline’s hand. At morning break. Don Francis open the doors. Removing the deer skins and allowed the morning air to bring needed coolness to over-heated bodies. Don Francis had brought cold tea and oatmeal for them. Red Fox turn to the morning sky and he told them. “A new day. I believe I will appreciate them more now.”  Little Wolf embraced him and she told him. “I saw you and I in a vision. You are an old man and I, an old woman together. Sitting on porch holding hands and watching the sunrise.”  Red Fox brought the embrace tighter and he whispered. “I love you dear friend.”

Coyote and Red Fox  took a long walk into the morning desert. Red Fox looked strong. He had more color in his skin and he looked like his normal self. He told Coyote.  “When I was Vietnam.  I dreamed of trees and the rivers of my home. I hated the tropical weather. Heat and rain. Today I love the desert. The peace and calmness make me feel safe. It is a lonely peace and calmness. Don’t worry about me. I saw death and I know death is a part of life. We must be born and we must find death. My friend. What we do in the middle. It does matter. Today I’m thankful. Little Wolf, Jackeline and you suffered the heat with me. I felt the prayers and caress of friendship. ”

They sat on a ridge. Watching the sunrise. Coyote asked. “Can we save the water, sky and the earth. Or are we just dreamers and foolish for hoping for the world to become a better place. Man want to destroy the land, kill each other and little concern for the future. I don’t understand the greed of man? Is bad death for the human race the final destination for the hunger of men. Are we wasting our time?”

Red Fox smiled and he told him. “You are young. Still holding on to great dreams. I believe we must follow the old wisdom. Put your feet into the sea or lake. Create a movement of hope. We must teach a better way. Maybe the simple movement can create a hurricane of hope. Show a few the value of the water, the sky and the earth. Men are hard-headed.  Men don’t learn the value of life till we lose a part of us or death is near. Today, each day is a blessing. We must help Silent Bobcat and I must fight the cancer. I will follow Don Francis rules. No drinking till my body is better. I will do the herbal medicine and sit and pray in the sweat-house. I need you my friend  near. You are my balance. Remember my friend. Life is hard and he is lucky to have known a lot of laughter and to have known true friendship.”

Two friend sat in silence. Watching the sunrise.

John Castellenas/Coyote



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