-I wanted everything and I needed nothing.

I wanted everything and I needed nothing.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Youth is the sweetest wine. No fear of failure and fearless in the game of love.


                      I wanted everything and I needed nothing.

Dancing on the edge.
Using and abusing woman without regret.
Giving enough to birth passion and running for the door before the morning light.

Many kinds of greed in life.
Good booze and easy woman lead a man to a destine hell.
Greed lead you to the lonely and sad road.

You must decide.
I watched my father drink himself to death.
In my youth. The Hemingway’s ending was my goal.
Enjoy life, drink and test life.

I wanted everything and I needed nothing.
One day I awoke alone and with no purpose.
Put two brothers into graves. They decided suicide was better than life.
I had a 30-30 rifle sitting on the kitchen table.

I was saved by good friends.
I put away the booze and the 30-30.
I gave everything away I had.
Escape to the California coastline and had nothing but a old Dodge truck and chance.

Today I have enough and take what I need.
Greed can’t make you happy.
I was lucky.
I learn to appreciate good friends and understand.
You can’t walk alone in this world.
Need a lifetime love to keep you balanced and secure.

Once I wanted everything and I needed nothing.
I learn I need laughter of children at my feet to have a complete life.
Thank you for reading