I won’t let you go!

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I won’t let you go!

22 November 2015

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Twice it hovered dark

Above my bluest skies’ rims

An attempt of Death

I looked within it

Prancing around full of glee

Fanciful patterns

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Death smiled ever pleased

With my witty play’s antics

Dark prepared for me

While I drunken danced

Much engaged with its shadows

In witty exchange

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Twice now eluded

Once a bleeding mess I slept

Stitched back into life

It breathed silent hurt

Sorrow its ache of soul’s reach

As it felt me go

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The clawing despair

Unwilling separation

I won’t let you go!

“Please come back to me!”

The sorrow muffling its voice

It said beseeching

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I smiled and moved on

Silently into waking

The table I left

Spreading from within

Once mine sole growing tissue

In fortnight halted


Death screamed so shrilly

Even more than my soul’s blues

He wanted my flesh

In agony’s…

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