When youth and beauty did fade

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When youth and beauty did fade

25 November 2015

yearning deviant-art com melodies_of_yearning_by_murmele-d6qnyj6 Courtesy deviantart.com

New found memories

Strike a chord in my heart’s lines

Gathering pieces

Yesterday’s pride spent

Remembering the playgrounds

Brings thoughts of penance

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Courtesy rubensada.blogspot.com

Nymphs circled around

Clamouring for your presence

Emblem of beauty

Playful happenings

Jaded other waters swirled

A backdrop of rain

woman11 Courtesy pinterest.com

Perhaps they will yet

Within Indian summer’s shade

Raise Love’s pedestal

Dance to beat of life

Mea culpa is the spin

Blue red purity

Two-Trees-A-portion-of-your-soul-has-been-entwined-with-mine Courtesy pinterest.com

Two freedoms entwine

Take the pulse of winds’ movements

Shattering waters

In sands of Time plunge

Discover the miracles

Find the light of one

good and evil knowlegehi com Courtesy knowledgehi.com

Nature’s gifts within

Heartbeats’ purple pulsation

Butterflies in source

Inverted climates

Implosion of the senses

Colours my love’s trail

fractal woman1 Courtesy pinterest.com

Twirling, dissolving

Within the Eye of the storm

Resurrection green

Giant leap of faith

Diamonds birth from the pressure


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