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Afghani Women Before Taliban

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmZoXQ0noDA&index=3&list=PLmH3I5hKwHWYuX61KoYi8bKXmPr9MhVqG&spfreload=10 ? In the 1916’s and 1925’s Afghanistan adopted  more western ideals influenced by the colonizer culture. but after 1991 Taliban came into power and enforced a lot…

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-The sweetest things

The sweetest things I have saw so many beautiful places and I have walked on places of mystery and ancient grounds. I have watched the sea rise and fall. I have danced with … Continue reading

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-The missing pieces

The missing pieces A Poem by Coyote Poetry Fragrance of what we were do appear. I looked into the mirror. The once warrior had become the house plant. This is sad.    … Continue reading

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