Afghani Women Before Taliban

Great knowledge. The world is falling backward. Human rights being stole away without a fight.

Free Choice

In the 1916’s and 1925’s Afghanistan adopted  more western ideals influenced by the colonizer culture.

but after 1991 Taliban came into power and enforced a lot of suppressive rules over women:

Denying women human rights

“Under the Taliban, women and girls were discriminated against in many ways, for the ‘crime’ of being born a girl. The Taliban enforced their version of Islamic Sharia law. Women and girls were:

  • Banned from going to school or studying
  • Banned from working
  • Banned from leaving the house without a male chaperone
  • Banned from showing their skin in public
  • Banned from accessing healthcare delivered by men (with women forbidden from working, healthcare was virtually inaccessible)
  • Banned from being involved in politics or speaking publicly.

There were many other ways their rights were denied to them. Women were essentially invisible in public life, imprisoned in their home. In Kabul, residents were ordered to cover their ground and…

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