Poem – Bombs and Guns – A poem about terrorism and its inevitable end.

Powerful words. Please read and enjoy.

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Bombs and Guns

You can destroy people with bombs and guns but you cannot destroy a spirit that lives in their hearts.

The need for liberty, equality and tolerance is bigger than any medieval text. It has been fought for and won over centuries; it will not be relinquished.

Democracy, even in its partial form, is always better than theocracy.

I believe in a pluralist society based on tolerance and equality.

The terrorist have a narrow view of their religion based on medieval texts. There is no room for rational thought or pragmatism. There is no love, mercy or room for doubt.

The indoctrination is complete. They really believe they will bring about the apocalypse. They really believe they will murder and rape their way to paradise.

They are deluded.

Bombs and Guns

Bombs and guns

The terrorist way

Targeting civilians


For daring

To believe

The wrong



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