A prayer for peace

Powerful words by a talented writer. Please read. If we watch the world fall apart. We are part of the blame. We need prayers for peace, gathering of all people holding peace dear and start a new world led with concern, kindness and love.

living in love

Lord, let your presence manifest 

Let your forgiveness be felt

grieving hearts and broken souls

we kneel upon your feet

to hear our cry of sorrow. 


Our soldiers runs around to fight and protect

Let your peace cover the land ,at once.

Lord in your command by the wave of your hand 

by your  powerful words peace will   heal the land .


Let your word shines within the mantle of our

heart’s to do what you command

Let your words of wisdom a torch to guide

from the  arrows that strikes along  with the battles we fight  


Let your holy spirit be  a fire; unquenching 

to guide us through the dark days of our lives

to witness and partake the greatness of your mighty works

Laid before the earth’s foundation .


Show us the path of righteousness

Lead us to do your will , the heart…

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