Come dance this lifetime away

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Come dance this lifetime away

28 November 2015


dance s5wallpaper com Courtesy


Put on your blue shoes

Blend into my sorrows step

Let’s dance to the now


dance youqueen com Courtesy

A step for glory

Long lost as Time whizzes past

Forgotten footsteps


dance m filkie com Courtesy

A step for the blame

Irretrievable measures

Of Humanity


dance reddit com Courtesy

A step for the fame

Sought in meaningless rivers

A dive into shame


dance forwallpaper com Courtesy

A step for morrows

Of Earthen frames’ eagerness

As the bush seeks wild


dance kaiyeailene wordpress com Courtesy

Lay your tides in mine

I will redesign deltas

Coming back to shores


dance pinterest com 2 Courtesy

Conjoining waters

Melodies a rhythm of blues

The dancing guitars


dance mahasti du Courtesy

Catharsis moves me

To depths of man’s misery

Broken tides lay still


dance sploid gizmodo com


A game of flames to dethrone

Measures of our souls


dance barbaraannephotos wordpress com Courtesy

Walk in the meadows


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