Hunger… Why does it STILL exist?

Powerful and true words by a talented writer. Please read her work.

It's Me Saraa

Hunger… No,it’s not the kind of hunger you feel when you haven’t eaten in 2 or 3 hours. It’s not the kind of hunger you feel when you come home late and you don’t get the chance to have dinner so you wake up hungry.

This is HUNGER:


Do you see their faces? Their bodies?

I wonder how many days they spend without eating. How many nights they go to bed ( if they even own beds) starving !

How is this possible !? We’re in the 21st century, and we still can’t find solutions for this. That’s so unfair!

This is the terrible impact of malnutrition in Africa, and in the world.They may have a little to eat, but that’s NOT enough ! We don’t seem to understand that this malnutrition is effecting their development.

Worldwide , one in four children is stunted!

stunted children

When stunted children don’t reach their…

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