–The canvas of love

The canvas of love

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


True love is real art. We must use our imagination, draw out plans. Touch with gentle movements create emotion that will expand to great beauty with patience and concern.


                         The canvas of love

Great temples had been built for the emotion of love.
Dante’s dreamed of his Beatrice till his death.
Artist paint with blessed eyes. Great beauty to be never forgotten.
The Gods gave up everything to know the warmth and the pleasure of the gentle kiss.
The long and warm embrace of a lover.

Cowards tell us. Love is nothing. Better to give just enough. Love is just fantasy for the dreamers.
Nothing last forever. You have only two things to do. To be born and die. Survival of the fittest.

I believe we are nothing without love.
Today I know love expand. I have children and Grandchildren.
Who I love and protect. Dear wife who stayed with me in good and bad times.
I remember my kind elders who took care of me and showed me.
Love and family is needed.

The canvas of love spread from one heart to many.
Blessed be the man with Grandchildren at his feet and not alone.
We are reflection of our elders. Today I hear my Grandfather voice.
Please come home when you need a place to catch-up.
Drop off the kids. Old Grandpa will watch them today.
If you need something. Please ask and I will do what I can.

The writers of the past knew.
Without love and kindness.
We become men of stone.

I remember the echos of lost voices. Telling me.
Johnnie, you are going to be okay. Sit down and have a talk.
We can talk the problem out and find a way to repair.

I’m old and gray today. I have many solace places  in my heart and mind of faces, smiles and gift
of friendship.  We must carry-on the old tradition.

Kindness create hope.
Love is the last thing we shall hold on to.
A wise man had many  blissful nights in the gift of love. He will dance often with his  beautiful and kind wife.
His house will be  filled with laughter and the door is wide open for his family.

Coyote/John Castellenas