-La petite mort-last chapter of a tale

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


Midnight conversation


This Chapter is rated Mature and may contain material unsuitable for readers under 18.

La petite mort, Little death -She wanted Paris and I wanted her.

Katie got up and went to the window. The city was lite-up. Her nude body seem dreamy and perfect in the incoming light of the city of lights. I put in the Leonard Cohen tape. The voice of Leonard whispered secret tales and story. She turned and danced slowly and I watched her body move slowly to the ghostly voice of the songs. Her full hips and robust breast moved with the words. She made me dream of her kiss and her body near. I knew, I was lucky. When an woman give you everything and allowed you into her secret places. A true gift rarely given.

She told me. “I want to dance nude on the balcony. Will you allow me to open the doors and dance?” I whispered dear Katie. 36 degrees outside my love. You will get sick and mess-up our time here in Paris.” She made a sad face and she told me. ” You could make me warm. Bring the blanket to me and embrace me. We will dance for the gods of the old city. Two naked bodies showing the Gods. Love is alive and well in the city of Paris tonight.” I held the blanket close and I went to her. She went to the ground and embraced me. Forcing her breast against my penis, moving them slowly against me. She kissed my stomach and she asked. “When we explode with excitement. Is it La petite mort, the small death? Or us touching the utopia of paradise where few can know my darling?’

I touched her face and I whispered. “I believe true lovers make the anticipation of  La petite mort worthwhile. Ensure the ending is worth the journey. I believe we must drift slowly into places and make every movement, caress and kiss inflamed the interlacing of two people. Passion need lovers, not someone seeking ending before beginning”

Katie smiled as my excitement of her warm breast against her making me come alive. She felt the hardness against her skin and she told me. “It is time Johnnie. Time to open the doors and you and I to embrace for the moon and the stars. She rose up and turn her back against me. I wrapped the blanket around her. We walked to the door and I opened the doors. The cold air made our embrace tighten. We went to the balcony ledge and I held her tightly, watched her eyes sparkle with joy and happiness. She reached her hand to my penis and slowly forced me into the warmth of her vagina. She danced a slow movement as I kissed her neck, face and lips. Her gentle rocking held me tightly and I grasped her breasts as we moved in a dance for the Paris Gods of the night. The cold seem far away as I watched her eyes. Her soft and beautiful face near was dreaming of long dance and never ending love. I wanted her content and held my excitement till she fell against the railing of the balcony. She turned to me and she told me. “Time to close the doors dear  lover and finish what we started.”

We closed the doors and ran to the soft bed. Grasping the covers and holding each other tightly. She kissed me often and she felt my body not content yet. She smiled and whispered. “How dare you make me happy and You haven’t found the proper ending yet. Are you teasing and pleasing me tonight, dear lover?  I told her. We must play slave and master. Giver or receiver. Tonight I can wait. Dear Katie, you are my muse, lover and friend. I told you already.  La petite mort is worth the trip if two lovers want to reach the same place. Katie straddled me and she laid her head in my chest and she whispered. I love you Johnnie.

Coyote/John Castellenas