A Poet’s Poetry*

Please read the poetry of a outstanding writer. A outstanding poem.


I am not trying to influence you, the voice said
But isn’t it true that only a poet can make
sense of the everlasting pool of emotions,
the throes of passion,
the overflowing cup of love of another?
What would you say if i told you
I have felt like I have known you
even before I knew it.
Would you then tell me
I talk like a lunatic?
If I were to say, I can smell your skin
and that it is sweeter
than the sweetest nectar,
Would you call me a liar?
These eyes have grown tired and
felt refreshed at the same time
looking at your face that I have been
searching for and looking at from the inner eyes.
Is that possible?
I confess I am scared of you
Why? Because I tell you things
I can’t…

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