Ode to Tree (poem)

Amazing poetry by a talented writer. Please read and enjoy.

Evy Zen

Put a stronghold on your piece
of loose-leaf snow-white paper

Raise it to the sky
like Triumphants raise fists,
Use it as your eye-shield
from beaming gold sun,
Notice its illumination,

Take that same warmed
piece of once-tree
and smear some dirt on it,
Colour it ‘til snow-white is no more,

Crinkle it,
and set it
amongst fallen fall leaves,

Camouflage it
until, step a few
baby steps backward,
you see it no more,

and you’ll remember:
Paper’s merely a fallen
child of a sequoia or sakura
or white oak,
processed, transmuted
for the poetry folk to write on,
for the bibliophile to get
lost in other-than-earth worlds,
for you and I to take a break

from that sun-wannabe-bright
screen teeming with virtual faces
and ‘like’ buttons,
a few of these: #
oh, and these: @

A break

from the spacebars
and enters
and back spaces.

Thank you, Trees.

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