Amazing poetry by a talented writer. Please read and enjoy.

Ellie belfiglio


Lay me down among roses!

In your tender touch, lose me to your poses.

Chase away returning nightmare;

Of a world I dread, yet I don’t share.

Hold your lips to forbidden sin,

What we are about to glean.

Lie me down till moonlight dies;

And sunshine comes on our waken sighs.


Swim the water far beneath me,

Ride the waves, don’t drown in your glee.

Wash me in your waterfall,

Promise me stay in reach, not brawl.

Crave my kisses, want my quest,

Beg me to sing a song you request!

Inside my lovely world, break,


And burn me with your loving ache!

Run with me through sunshine ray,

Beneath your needs, bury me away!

Your sweetened berry, to me feed.

Squeeze my juice, drink it for your need.

Touch my fire I have lit,

Forever be mine, don’t quit!! …




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