Holiday To Do List

Good wishes and hope for the holidays by a talented writer. Please read and enjoy.

Craig T. Owens

Christmas To Do listThis is a pretty good list!

  1. BuyBe presents
  2. Wrap giftssomeone in a hug
  3. Send giftspeace
  4. Shop forDonate food
  5. Make cookieslove
  6. SeeBe the lights

May we all keep in mind that Jesus is the reason for the season—

  1. He came as Emmanuel to be God with us
  2. His blessings envelope us
  3. He came to bring peace on earth
  4. He provides our daily bread
  5. He is love
  6. And He calls us to be His light to the world

(I found this picture online but cannot find out who created it. If someone knows, please tell me, as I would love to give them proper credit.)

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