Amazing poetry by a talented writer. Please read and enjoy.

Ellie belfiglio


I can stay calm!

For long hours I can be numb.

With blurred vision, I can-

Gaze to cigarette smoke;

Or to where wall and ceiling connect;

Or to a film about war and peace!

With my cold, frozen hands,

I can pull the curtains aside!


And see the harsh rain in window frame.

See a child plays in the rain.

See a car racing in street;

And splash rain water to the child’s face.


I can stay calm,

Where I stand;

Near the curtain, numb, frozen hands;

And scream-

With a vice unknown to me,

And say:

“I love my dreams, I love my desires!”

I can stay calm-

Where I stand,

With my blurred vision!

I stay numb!

I can stay calm!! …




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