-The sweetest things

The sweetest things

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


The simple things my friends make life worthwhile.


                                  The sweetest things

I have saw so many beautiful places and I have walked on places of mystery and ancient grounds.
I have watched the sea rise and fall. I have danced with  the waves  of the California coastline.

I have suicide board the big storms of Winter with the Pacific ocean.  I felt so small and so safe.
The Pacific was kind to me. She knew I respected her.

I stood upon mountain tops. I prayed to the hawk and the eagle.
I stood at the pinnacle in Virginia and I could see four states.
My eyes could see forever the beauty and strength of nature.

I free-climbed every mountain near. I climb to places few people had touched or seen.
I did not fear the possibility of no way back with ease. I had no fear and too much whiskey to
make me test my will to be alive.

I stood on the grounds of ancient Castles in Germany. I could feel the power and strength
of a once powerful race of people.

I saw and touched Egypt ancient places and sand. I liked the old places. When I ran my hands through
the sand of the Egypt desert. I felt the loneliness of a once beautiful and alive place.

I saw 40 countries and befriended people in each place. I wanted to understand each location
and allow them to become part of me.

The lessons that I learn was all mothers and fathers want the same. They want their children to be
safe and free. Every mother and father love their children.

I know life is fair and good for the man who don’t want to steal or abuse.
I learn everybody want a warm and safe place to live. I never met a man or woman
who wanted their child to be killed in war.

Today I have Grandchildren at my feet. I know what the sweetest things are.
A life filled with travel, a lot of laughter and children.

A wealthy men had many friends and he had known and shared love often.
The sweetest things are free. Lead with kindness and love.

Coyote/John Castellenas