Mourning Dove

Amazing poetry shared by a outstanding writer. Please read and enjoy the words and thoughts.

emily amelia

All your life comes to this
A hanging thread, one last kiss
A last sun sinks with your regrets
Truth and memories fade
All your days are left to rot in chains
But in this snow, a fire remains
One last hope could see you walk away
Fly away
Past these walls, drop these chains
Don’t look back

And no one knows the verdict
We’re all just waiting here sleepless
Everybody trying to whisper in the ears of wisdom
Whatever decision stands tonight
Will forever change someone’s life
When the morning comes
Mourning dove

The mourning dove will sing her song
She won’t speak words
But we know her tale by the way we feel
Walls come down, bridges burn
She’ll sing you through this, she’ll cry for you
Yes they’ll know your tale even when you’ve gone
Mourning dove

And no one knows the verdict
We’re all just waiting…

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