New York city lights-part four

New York city lights

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


Part four of my time in New York.



                                    New York city lights- The trip with Dorthy

I left Fort Dix, New Jersey on Thursday night. I promised Dorthy dancing and to visit her brother in Albany on Saturday. The Old Sargent in-charged liked me. I organized the books and I worked with the Unit to finish the inventory two days early. I worked two 15 hours day inputting the inventory number into the computer. He bought me many beers and drinks on Wednesday before.  He thanked me often and he wished I could be station at Fort Dix. He gave me a four day weekend. I haven’t received any orders yet. I didn’t care. I enjoyed the East coast. The large cities gave me reasons to travel and write. The city had their myth and their ghost. Always a new place to wander off to. I like the drive on highway 95. The lights of the New York city tempted me from the distance.

I arrived at 8pm on Thursdays at Dorthy apartment. She was waiting. She was wearing short skirt and low-cut blouse, showing beautiful long legs and tempting breast. She embraced me hard and she whispered to me. “Thank you Johnnie for coming. I took a vacation day for us to wander the city tomorrow and I want us to go dancing.” I smiled and I told her. Your wish is my command. She asked me was I hungry? I told her yes and I needed to relax. Old back is sore. Long day at work and long drive. She smiled and she told me. “I will bring some food and make you a hot bath dear Johnnie.”  She left me and she went to the kitchen. I took my journal out and I wrote a short poem.
Dear Dorthy
Please talk to me kind lady.
Make me wish for things I cannot have.
My Dorthy, I need your laughter.
I near you near.
You are sunshine and joy in my world of confusion.
Thank you dear Dorthy.
You are my beauty and my joy.

Dorthy brought the food to me and she went to the bathroom. Her hair was free and flowing as she walked toward the bathroom. She turned and she smiled.” I’m glad you like me. I need to feel needed.”  I ate the ham, potato and salad. I heard her singing to the song. “Eric Clayton, Tears in heaven.” Dorthy was a rare woman. Confident, beautiful and independent. I knew I was lucky to have found her. I knew I was leaving soon for unknown place. I didn’t attempt to go too far with her.  I knew. When you fall into a relationship with a amazing woman. Love will sting your heart forever.

Dorthy called me to the bathroom. Her large bathtub was filled with bubbles and hot water. I stripped off my clothing and climbed into the tub. She sat by the tub on her knees and she told me about her day. I loved watching her brown eyes. Her flowing auburn hair tempted me. I reached out to her face and rolled my hand through her hair. She got up and she went to the living room. She sat down and she read my journal. Tears fell from her eyes. Dorthy came to the tub and she stripped off her clothing and laid opposite of me in the bathtub. I was content to watch her strip down and she gave me a quick turn. Allowed me to see beautiful body and content smile. She was a perfect woman. Her curved were of a woman. Her body with peaks and valley. Men would dream of, forever.

Her feet laid in my lap and  I caressed her legs and feet. She asked me. “Do you want to go with me to see my brother. If you don’t. I would understand.”  I looked at her serious looking brown eyes and I told her. I want to go with you to Albany to see your brother. I know sometime we need a friend to face hard situations.  She whispered. “Thank you Johnnie. I’m scared of my brother. He came back angry and so hateful. He almost killed his friend at a bar in Boston. He didn’t sleep and drank non-stop. He came here to New York city. Police called me. He didn’t know his name and where he lived. What did the war do to him? Are you okay Johnnie? They took him to the V.A in Albany.”  I told her. I’m okay. Each of us handle situation differently. War didn’t effect me like other people. I had a okay job in the Army. The people involved in the combat can be affected. I wasn’t in a combat function. If you killed another. Some people can live with it and some people cannot. What did your brother do?
She looked at her feet and she told me. “I don’t know. He won’t talk about it. He didn’t drink or do drugs till he joined the service. He was different. He didn’t talk or laugh anymore. When we were kids. We did everything together. He loved to laugh and clown around. I pray nightly for him to come back.” I told her to turn around and I would wash her back. I slowly washed her back and shoulders. I cupped her breasts and I told her. Men do heal and they need family, love and concern. Dear Dorthy. This is all we can do.

The song of Amy Grant ” Good for me” started playing and she asked. Please dance with me now. I reached for the towel and I dried her off slow and easy. She did the same and she dropped the towel on the ground. She embraced me and we danced slowly to the easy songs on the New York city radio. She kissed me and I returned the kiss. I asked her. Dear Dorthy. I’m leaving soon. I don’t want us to go to places that are not possible? She smiled and she told me. “Love come when love want, we cannot control the want of love. I love you Johnnie. You are kind and gentle. You look at me with eyes of appreciation and love. I need to know this now. Let’s worry about tonight. We cannot control tomorrow.”

Me and Dorthy laid in her bed. Her nude body connected to my body and with long sweet kisses leading us to places of no return. I embraced her tightly till the morning light. I whisper when I thought she was asleep. I love you sweet Dorthy. She whispered. I love you honey too.
John Castellenas/Coyote