I dreamed of you

I dreamed of you

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Words create by perfect art.


(Thank you Tumblr-Milo Moire- A goddess)

I dream of you

I remember Paris. You were in your perfect place and free. Your mind running wild in the beauty of the old city of Paris. The kind,  City of lights.

We became part of the midnight myths and we danced where Hemingway lived his books. We create our places with the ancient lovers finding dance and  song inviting hot and dangerous nights.

You told me. “I want lover’s tryst and to have the vagabond heart. Love should be set in motion for us to be serenaded by sensuous kiss  and  wicked embrace seen by the Paris moon. I want us enraged with explosive lovemaking. Making the sleeping Gods come alive my Johnnie.”

Exquisite beauty danced for me by the lights of the candles. The open windows allowed us to see the Paris lights. I watched her dance to the song of Leonard Cohen. “A thousand kisses deep.”

I told her. You are a beauty to behold. A lucky man last dream and hope. I want you nude and free till the noon hour. I want us to find the places where lovers find the sequel of perfect embrace. Where touch of soft skin and  tender bodies reach their limits. Allow wanting lips and beautiful faces to become a permanent tattoos upon heart and mind.

Beautiful lady came to me. She fell to the floor and she embraced my waist. She looked up and her hazel eyes stole my thoughts. She whispered. “This is Paris. We are young  and life is in the front of us. Let’s trick the Gods of work, till we find death and the men who send soldiers to war. We need to make our time of youth a parable of two people who knew love and kiss. Didn’t want to know the ending, only the beginning. Allow the night to teach us to know the feel of skin against skin. Dancing the tango in open bars and holding love as life. Life as love.”

I brought my love near and I whispered. I agree.
John Castellenas/Coyote

© 2016 Coyote Poetry