Wildest Dreams

Amazing poetry by a talented writer. Please read and enjoy.

Confessions of an Island Girl

What is knowing when not knowing?
What is sensing, when not factual?
What is feeling when it stands in the face of logic?
Perhaps this is but a semantic web interwoven within the crevices of a heart that no longer trusts,
Perhaps to feel and hope is bound by a fear that is too much.
How does one articulate words that echo meaningless in the face of almost irrefutable logic?
How can the gentle whisperings of a fractured faith, precisely express a lesson etched in the mind of a perspective shaped by the lessons of trials past?
To know you is to love you,
But this is knowledge I cannot claim,
Of knowing the depths behind the eyes of a hidden lover, day and night all the same
Who is she who knows no love, save for those tested by fire?
And yet you would bid her stay, at theā€¦

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