You are my last wish

                You are my last wish

My cherished love, I need to your  kiss your lips hello, again  and again.

You are my September sweet German red wine and my endearing reasons to be alive.

I gave my love to you and you made my hope and dreams spin, around and around to perfect place in your embrace.

You made the river of love expand to the great valley of satin sheets, long nights and holding you close. Sharing lover’s secret words and caress.

I fell into your bosom and you sang to me.

“Love, sweet love.

Dance, wild and free.

I love you more than the long days and

I need your love upon my lips,

my skin and deeply engraved in my heart.

You are love to me and I want to be love to you.”

Two lovers shed fear and danced to quiet and low sound of the radio.

Poet whispered to his beautiful lady. When love is strong, we are more than

alive. We are in the paradise of perfect and safe place where the Angels smile upon the blessed lovers. I love you, my sweet memory.

John Castellenas/Coyote