-You and I

You and I?

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Just words.


You and I?

A long time ago. We had the same hope and dreams.  We found each other again, drowning in old regret and good whiskey in the dark Texas taverns. You told me. I’m an empty book. People, places and bad memories were erased and now I’m content with silence. My wild heart is cold and empty now. Love taught me well. Last change or first chance. No-one can win.

Willie Nelson sang ”  Blue eyes crying in the rain” as we danced the Texas two-step on a crowded floor in Austin. Her sovereign eyes surveyed my eyes and I knew she was looking for a ounce of hope in my words. I told her. Beautiful Jenny. Love demand payment. The lullaby of love is fair. If we are honest and true. Love will find us. Dear Jenny, if you want nothing. This is what you shall find and know. You and I were too hungry. Wanted everything and wanted not to make payment for the gift of love.

I remember you. You gentle blue eyes, flowing auburn hair and long legs twisted around me. We didn’t make love. We were dwelling in the heat of passion that always need and want more. The corruption of lust leave the heart to mourn and the body to seek more.

She smiled and she asked me. Do all sorrowful ending have a sad ending? Do we give in and accept less?  Are some people needs and want too much for one love? I whispered to her.

Shadows and mirrors.
The ritual of the cold night where two people fall together to become one.
Love is illusion and wishes. Real lovers hold on tightly.
We must forgive ourselves and than we can forgive the bad deeds and actions given and received.
Always a ounce of hope for the midnight lovers.
You are here with me and I’m here with you.
You have haunted my memory for 7 years. Today I would forgive you for one more days to hold you close.
When the smoke and mirrors see the light of the new day. Love can find the daylight of the new day.

Jenny smiled and brought me closer. She told me. Maybe we can outlast the curses of bad decisions. Please Johnnie. Hang around and keep me company. We may not find love, maybe we can find laughter, joy and many dances. Love want a heavy payment and today I need a friend.

Two people danced to the good song in the Texas tavern. The kind Angels were praying for the heart and soul of two people dead in hope. Praying for the rebirth of kindness and love.
Coyote/John Castellenas