A amazing poem by a talented writer. Please enjoy and read her work.

Ellie belfiglio


Tonight the moon is red,

The color of the dress I wore in my dread.

I dreamt last night of snow,

Like old days that had glow.

Schools were closed for the sting.

My mother and I did sing.

We walked in the snow;

Holding each other’s hand and flow.

We were laughing, don’t know why!

I was the child, she was my eye!


We talked about nothing real.

She was laughing, her hard life she did deal.

We tried not to fall, but we did;

And rolled and rolled, not getting rid-

Of our laughter! We had fun, we surely did!

… Then a sound awakened me from sleep;

I went to the day I wore red dress, red and deep.

I was walking somewhere unknown.

No one could see me, I was alone.


I became a without body soul.

Sounds that filled my ears were dull.

Never heard…

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