Outstanding poetry by a talented writer. The sea and beauty. Perfect place to be.


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Barefoot shoreline empty wanderings

a beach all hers save the finicky sandpipers

cliffside and far off a cacophony of gossip

lapwings sharing rumours and allegations

fanciful sun and ozone prompted imaginings

an etched yet nonsensical modus operandi

as to the perfect plan to ensnare a new lover

Fantasy ‘Plan A’ unfolds apace with footprints in the sand

“I shall have Nubian slaves wrap me up in a Persian carpet and unroll me at his feet wearing nought but a smile…it worked for Julius Caesar when Cleopatra did the self-same thing. Then again I have a dust mite allergy…um…thinks…suppose I would look rather silly standing there stark naked sneezing and eyes watering…and where would I keep my hanky? Not good and I don’t know any Nubians or Roman Emperors and only have a tatty old rug anyway” ‘Plan A’ shelved

The freshest of breezes from…

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