Light and the dark

                  Light and the darkness

You told me. “The black heart, too dark and cold for love. Is just barren soil. Nothing can live in soil swimming in the blood of heartache and disappointment. Love can degrade us, love can delight us. Us mortals believe we are the only ones who had lived and died. The light and the darkness of love can make us know the gallery of the colors of wild love and long dances. What is true is plain and simple. Love grow rampage when love stayed and hold on.”

I watched you dancing nude to the words of Leonard Cohen. You fall to lonely chair and I digest perfect beauty with captured eyes. I told you.

Tattoos memories and hot and warm kisses become painted memories on sacred mind and heart. Long embraces and interlocking bodies become one in enshrined galleries of things gain and lost. You are right dear lover. We must know the light and we must know the darkness. Without knowing darkness. The light would not be known.

Beautiful woman looked up and gave me a tempting smile and she whispered.”The things we believe in. Are held-up by thin strings of hope and need. When love is near. Hold on tightly and enjoy the journey. All journeys have a beginning and a ending. We will celebrate the light and endure the darkness”

John Castellenas/Coyote