I Am Eve

Amazing poetry by a talented writer. Please read and enjoy.

Charissa's Grace Notes

shhh…let your words speak silence
between the worlds I travel in
while holding sacred tension
in my loins, in my heart and core
do not knock me into knowing!
I must dance, delicate and light
in order to Unknow and enter
the Mysteries Deepest, Highest.

I mustn’t find my way to answers
but forget to remember them
and lose my questions in the
silence spoken silent
and resounding.
I am not ignorant,
I am not naive!
I am not foolish…
my name is Eve
and I am crown
to all creation
and forging trails
unknown into what
he knew and then discarded
and I must simply
thus Unknow.
Standing on the diamond threshold
at the pearl crossroads
living emerald heart
and pulsing ruby blood

My body is the gateway
and my soul’s
forgotten questions and
the music playing deep
within celestial night.

I am Eve.

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