My Angela

My Angela


A Poem by Coyote Poetry


We can fall so low and deep. Need someone to pull us up to see daylight.



Her beauty had lessen with time.
The circle of darkness surrounded her beautiful blue eyes.
Lack of sleep and proper diet.
Left her beaten, betrayed and dreams limited to daily survival.
In her 21 years of life.

Her blue eyes brought me to her.
Her long legs that went on for miles.
Were still temptation for the soul wanting too little now.

Her fearless eyes turn soft as she tremble in the face of tenderness.
I told her please please stay with me. We will have no secrets.

“I have been living on borrow kisses, loan embraces and leased love.
I whisper I have been waiting for you.”

“We have nothing to lose.
All we have is painful and harsh desires that brought us together.”

Sweet Angela looked into my eyes.

She told me “I’m dirty with sin.
I have abandon all who have tried to love me.
I don’t deserve you.”
Her hand held my hand so tightly as she spoke.

I whispered ” My fallen Angel.
There are few saints anyway.
I will take you places you have never been.
We will walk on long beaches.
Drink wine and talk till the sun falls into the sea.
I will hold you like you were my first love.”

When the dusk came.
We ate  and talked.
Felled on my soft bed.
I told her “All we have is the desire of pleasure left.
I will find your secret softness. Make you feel wanted and alive.

I  whispered a liar prayer.
Told her how beautiful and wonderful she was.
I  explored her with delight and discover all her  hidden secrets.

I looked into  her blue eyes as her slender body move over my flesh.
A small tear appeared in her eyes.
She whispered  “I will leave before the morning light.”

I smile and caressed her beautiful face.
Whispered ” We have lost nothing.
I just wanted to see your smile and hear your voice.”

“I will be here when you need me.”
Angela kissed me and lays her head into my chest.