Amazing poetry by a talented witer. Please read and enjoy her work.

Ellie belfiglio


Mirror told me the secret of your look.

Your innocent eyes, I forsook.

I came down like rain from your lovely face!

As the candle of of my life burning, we embrace.

The spring like the flowers of your eyes-

Didn’t tell me you’re leaving with no goodbye.

In far horizon’s border of your eyes and heart-

The redness of your smiling flowers were beautiful art!


The purest love grew in city of rose.

In garden of love, I bloom, then doze!

We smiled, it was gentle  and bold.

We laughed with blooming lips, that were not old!

Each dawn began with your eyes’ flame.

I looked from my window to your game.

The spring flowers bloomed in my heart!

The petals wrapped around our love, what an art!!! …




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