Better to listen than to create distance

Silence and listen

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


We learn too late to listen.



Silence and listen

Old man sitting alone and he is talking to the wind.  Sending apologies to old memories.
Once a proud man filled with self-praise and goals. Today the goals mean nothing.
Pride just more sin to had swam in.

He learned to hold silence and listen. He had a wide open door for kids and family.
He don’t visit the two brothers graves who believe death was sweeter than life.
He still don’t understand how babies in life can find the rope a better place than being alive.

Hard life and times for people today. Old man learned. Listen to the people near. Don’t give lectures and
no support. He looked at the eyes of children and friends. He listen now. He tell them it will be okay. Please call me if you need someone to talk to. I need you around for a long time. Old man wisdom. Money mean nothing when you are alone without brothers and friends.

The old man burned the sage. Whispered to the trees, the river and the earth. Take care of my dear brothers. I will join them soon. Death will come to all of us. I hope to see you soon.

Old Grandpa hugged his grandchildren.  He told his wild boy Jorge. Grandpa loved you when you are good or bad. He see his brothers now in his grandchildren. He watches them and listen. Ensure they know they are safe and will always have a place to go and be safe.

Today is a good day. He remembered two men who left his world too soon. He whispered to the wind. I miss your laughter and voices. I hope you are in a better place.

Today. Old man had a house filled with people. He don’t complain. They are safe and sound. Old man know to hold silence and listen. Give hugs and positive words. Love, my friend. Must be expanded and kept strong.

Coyote/John Castellenas