A re-write for modern times-Everybody knows

I borrow a few lines from Leonard Cohen.
Sometime we need to learn emotion and feelings
from people who lived a long life.)

“Everybody knows”

Mr. President, Senate and the House of Rep.

Did you know what happen in Flint? Poor people became sick drinking un-cleaned water. Do you have concern for the people struggling to survive in the poor cities? Government saved a few pennies and the people pay the price for rich men getting richer In Washington D.C with their gifts from the lobbyist.

Poor cities in the USA are getting the left-overs.” Detroit school had no heat. Teachers wouldn’t go to work to protect the kids and told the world. Poor cities are being left to die.
Do you give a shit?  Mr. President, Senate and the House of Rep.. The bloody rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.

What happen to where every child had a fair chance?  Just myth and tales told to us by politicians running for office. Is every school equal in equipment and learning tools?

Where are you Mr. President, Senate and the House of Rep.?

“Was the fight already fixed.”
We have a rich man president?

Everybody knows.

House representatives. 435 men and woman.

I saw your budget.
1.1 billion for food and office.
2.3 million per representative to live on.

How many people have nothing in your states?
How many people are homeless?
Are the schools teaching the future of the USA properly?
Do you walk your streets and see the pain?

No equality in the USA yet.
Babies being born in the poor cities.
With one foot in the grave at the beginning.

Wars are being fought.
No-one  knows why we are fighting anymore?

Contractors got 465 billion dollars and cost of war over a trillion.
The rich man knows why.
Poor man born to serve at eighteen.
Hell of a world!
When going to war is better then to swim in the waste and shit.


I won’t waste words on them.
I hear “here or there of them.”
A group of useless people serving their needs.

I pray
I pray to the sky, the water and the earth.
Sent wisdom to the men in-charge.
Please insure all children have food in their belly.
Please lord of life and earth.
Insure all children have a warm bed to sleep in.
Please lord.
Give opportunity and strength to the people in need.
We need a miracle.
War and hate is controlling my world.
Please sent some Angels of love and peace to assist.
We could use them today.
Thank you

I awoke with fear.
I fear for tomorrow.
What will our children have left?
What have we done?
I hated my father for doing nothing.
Now am I any better?
I believe I did less.
Will my children despise me for doing nothing.

It is time to yell.
Write to the leaders. All of them.
Demonstrate in the streets.
Pray for the city of Flint. The need of clean water  for the people in need come ASAP. Pray we find leaders seeking answers and repairing problems. Not create them..

Everybody knows.

Does anyone care?