_The stillness of the night

The stillness of the night

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


We need places where we know peace and we can be who we are truly are.


                     The stillness of the night

Real love come to us in a hurricane of uncontrolled  passion.
Sweet melodies of the words of love sending us soaring and ascending to
new places and heights.

Bashful woman revealing soft and tender places.
Surrendering and shedding fear, allowing the wholly kisses to bring to life
turbulent emotion and want.

When love is safe and free. Two hearts can commit and believe.
The splendor of true love is alive and well.

Love is fair. We will play master and slave. Slave and master.
Real lovers can be mild and tame. Savage and wild.
The midnight hour where lovers are besieged in the flame of the
splendor of skin against skin, confessing secrets and rejoicing in touch
and play. Become the keepsakes and needed places the lovers must return again.

The stillness of the night.
Where no garments are needed to cover the beauty of soft skin.
Where lovers dance freely and unbounded.
Where immortal love become the corridors where passion and want is given without

Lady midnight allowed voiceless lovers to  give and receive.
True love don’t need words.  They need evident of embrace and gentle
touch when the night is lonely and cold.

Coyote/John Castellenas