_Contained love

Contained love

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


If we forget the people we held precious. We can lose them forever.


    Contained love

She had a heart of gold once. She held patience near and was willing to flex and bend to keep the love alive.

She is a elegance lady who understood. Love had high-peaks and low valleys. The elements of love is building bridges and changing directions. She knew love was fragile. Once powerful love can weaken and strong people must dig deep and find new places to grow in need and want.

Today she had a contained love. Too much work and no time to make the garden grow and prosper. She hold fantasies of wild nights in blazing want of love. She wants crisp and fresh touch  from her love. She wants to know relentless embrace and kiss. She wants to penetrate deep into secret places and remove the shackle of contained emotion.

Tonight her heart of gold left her waiting and wanting for the rebirth. She is wearing a silk and flimsy red negligee. She waits like a delicate flower needing to be nourished and adored. The beautiful woman, she waits patiently drinking sweet red wind and allowing her fantasies to grow waiting for the lucky man to come to her.

The tire man returned home. The house is dark and the kids are gone. The man see the candles burning in their room. He see her long legs laying across the bed of silk sheets. He smiled and whispered.Thank you my dear love. Thank you for remembering me and needing me.

Old wise saying.Take two to tangle. One with want and need leave a lonely heart alone and waiting.

Give till you cannot give no-more, for the sake of keeping the fire of love alive.

Coyote/John Castellenas