_Fable love

Fable love

I behold today the first warm day of Spring. I’m finding hope and energy in the new-born flowers and the new greenery of the forest.

I have been swimming in the Kentucky whiskey dreams for two months now. Trying to stay blinded from her memory. She came to me in the late days of Winter for the last time. She picked up her last relics of clothing.  I kept them neatly stacks waiting for her return. I still can smell her perfume in my blankets and sheets. I can imagine her face when I play the Leonard Cohen songs. I can see her dancing in the nude with nothing to hide. We were protected by the locked doors and the privacy of the night.

I have written 10,000 words for her.
“Cursed love.
Dangerous love.
She came to me with sweet words and beautiful smile.
She stirred my imagination and
she left me stunned and speechless.”

In the late Fall of last year. Beautiful Katy came to my door with sweet red wine and a smiled . I saw in her eyes she wanted someone to listen to her and needed a gentle caress. I knew I was going in blinded and I was provoking wants that cannot be.”

She poured the red wine with tender and soft hands. Her eyes of river blue looked at me and she whispered.
“We will be okay”. She brought my hands to her lips. She kissed my hands and without speaking. She opened the doors to free and wild emotion traveling to new and unknown places without a safety net.

I did a silence prayer to the Gods of love. “Please allow the sweet dreams to become reality.”  I concord with the gods. Men will pray and the gods knew. Men waste all things. Promises made by the light of the moon will be forgotten and weaker with the rising of the sun.

I drank the Black Velvet remembering the trembling beauty waiting for me in the darkness of the night. Her suppliant breast and soft skin made me stop and be amazed at the beautiful woman waiting. I slowly caressed milky white skin of Winter. Slowly digesting from tender feet to sweet lips.

Young dawn appeared. My tire heart anticipated defeat while swimming in paradise. I gazed at her in restful sleep. I held her close and thanks the Gods of love. She stirred hope and want I wanted to forget.

Katie wanted a secret affair. She would appear daily late in the night. Pleading to come in and she wanted to consummate in the frenzy of a wild and uncontrolled need.

Her love was stealth and unexpected. I knew I had to decide to flight or stay?
In late December. I traced her soft skin making circles trying to discover every hidden part of her body. She requested. “I want to know pain and pleasure. I want to know places where I have no control. Do what you please. I need to feel alive, so alive every part of me is burning with fire and life.”

In late March. Katy came less. I knew the rituals of lust. Love and lusts  are two things. She was nineteen years old. Young woman don’t want prisons or cages. I saw in her eyes she wanted to leave and stay in the same moment. My heart was already bleeding. In the altar of love you need two people wanting the same things.

One strong love cannot create a complete puzzle. One day, the sweet love will slowly fade away to nothing. I knew sweet Katy words of love were just gifts for the good sex.

Katie did say her final goodbyes in late Winter. I accepted her goodbye with a heavy heart. The first warm days of Spring is here. I didn’t want vengeance. I know it wasn’t her fault. My hunger surged and swelled with every kiss and embrace. I know you can’t hold the wind or stop the rising sea.

Young woman will give and take and wise men learn. Be thankful for the kind woman with the eyes of river blue and a never ending hunger. They are the sweet dreams for old men and so damn hard to forget.

Coyote/John Castellenas