For Joey and her family. Please listen to their songs.

Death is never sweet I told my kind friend. I have loved you too long  to know how to live without you.
I told the bartender. I need a Angel tonight. Someone to tell me. Johnnie, you shall be okay. The bartender smiled and he told me. Hurt and pain is a part of us. Need to forget the bad days and remember the good days. Find friendly faces and laughter. Sometime we must become the angels.
                          Dear Jesus
An Angel is coming that  I never met her.  I watched her face when she sang  on the music videos and saw her life transfer to living to dying. I prayed for her to live to be old and grey. My prayers are going to heaven and I pray you comfort the people left behind. We need our Angels with us. Dear Joey. Beautiful lady. I would I could take your pain. Please pray with me. Pray for miracle, pray heaven allowed us to have one Angel with us.
Please pray for Joey and her family. Cancer steal the best from us. Joey and Rory together made me know. We can know love.  Knowing the value of the family. Is the true wealth of a good life. I pray cancer can be cured. Dear Jesus. Please allow a sweet Angel to stay with us. We need her song and her energy of love and hope with us.
                               John Castellenas