Spoken in Silence

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Spoken in Silence

3 March 2016

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Words spoken

Like leaves in the rain



From the mind to tip of tongue

They hold ecstasy

The shining

Rolling fantasy

As they heave

Like oceans

Breaking on the shore of mouth

Where they singe, the pain!

Keep talking

It is but in mind


Of peeling

The skin breaks in revealing

Secrets of bosom

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The decay

It counts slow pieces

Parts of lips

Fallen red

On the ground a pool of dread

Quirks of existence

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Slow path through the light


Inside me

A gate to safe where I flee

Unwarranted flight

I chose left

Where path took turn right

Mistakes made


Of the good and the ugly

Oh love how they smite!

I won’t tell

Of crestfallen hearts

That winced

At light words

Thrown like stones at falling birds

Spoken in Silence

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