For a missed muse-Regards to Melanie

Regards to Melanie

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Just words and thoughts.


Regard to Melanie

I know you are far away my dear lover.
You are fulfilling needed dreams in secret places where lover can find peace and safety.

I’m alright and I have accepted my destine ending.
I’m left with strong coffee and dead memories.

I’m tire dear lover. Some of us cannot be saved.
We have accepted little and it is okay.

You reminded me I was worth something.
You reminded me I could wish and dream.
Sweet lover, you told me  love was possible.
Left me with hope and a prayer.

Please sweet Melanie.
Dance and sing in great and beautiful places.
Dead dreams mean little.
When you have accepted dead-ends and roadblocks.

Freedom is under-rated. Best days in a life.
Open road and no time limits.
Old men learn life is fair.
We pay for every sin done.
Greedy men who swam in the deadly sins.
Pay for every action in three-fold.
Old soldiers who learned new hate.
Find places where ain’t much left.

Sweet and beautiful Melanie.
Thank you. I remember you.
Made me feel young and hopeful for a second.
With regard and love. Johnnie.

Coyote/John Castellenas