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Dear Human,

Life comes at price. It isn’t cheap. As a matter of fact it’s very steep. The cost of living here on earth as a human being is frankly quite exorbitant. For we pay for our physical life with physical death.

Wait, don’t go. I know it sounds like a dreadful post, but we have to talk about this. It is every humans condition. Yours, mine and the entire world population.

I think death exists to motivate all of us to make meaning of life. To live it passionately, sincerely and authentically. Dying is life’s way of putting a spark in our heart or a fire under our butt to live out this human experience in a big way.

Living is a sloppy and often slippery slope of thoughts and actions. It’s full of ups and downs. It allows for a love that can break our very hearts. But life…

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