Blessed be the lovers

Blessed be the lovers

Sweet bliss of the sweet kiss. Kind lovers rejoice in the tender touch of skin to soft skin.
Where lovers roam into wild and dangerous places.  Fugitives for the revisits of the dances of true passion
and blind journey into forbidding places where dreamers and Poets will recite praise and gratitude
till the end of their days.


I watched my lover get undressed and  I closed my eyes. I can’t believe I’m back in the arms of my sweet love.
She broke my heart once. Now I behold her nude body. She danced in the room, gave me a sweet  smile and a kind wink. She asked me. “Am I as beautiful as the young girl who came to you in Ann Arbor?” I told her she was more beautiful than anything these old eyes had seen.

She came to me. She fell into my arms. Her long auburn hair cover my face and chest. I could smell the sweet flower perfume of her hair. Her breasts moved across my body making me pull her near. I told her. “You are my siren. You make me desire to live and die in your arms. You are the light and darkness I want and need to remember.”

Her kisses were long and sweet. I whispered to her. “You are my only sweet dream. The only story that aroused me to fall into drunken love. Where I’m careless and blessed knowing we have no-where to go but sadness. I need your tender kiss, to feel the heat of your warm body near. You are the only tenderness in a river of emotion that needed to be awaken again.”

Sweet Jenny smiled and told me. “My soldier. I remember you. You stole a kiss from me years ago. Made me become wild with desire and I knew. You loved and worshiped me. You wanted me to be content. You taught me love was tender and wild. To lose control and not be afraid of the farewell. Today we dance alone. Blesses be the lovers who swim in the joy and pleasure for the sake of love. We have today and tomorrow. This is all that matters for lovers swimming in the drunken emotion of free and unbounded gifts of love.”

I kissed her once than twice and told her. ‘”I love you sweet Jenny. For forever and a day. Love is all we got. Even if we are blessed for a short time. I rather had loved you than be barren of your kiss and beautiful smile and face in my life.”

Coyote/John Castellenas
Written in 1994/Rewritten in 2014