_She kissed me once and once only.

She kissed me once and once only


A Poem by Coyote Poetry


I read the great Writer Jack London again. Gave me some positive motivation. You must read “When God laugh.”


                          She kissed me once and only once

A great and wise writer Jack London told me many secrets.
I learn you can’t defeat  the Gods.
They have twisted sense of humor.
They will allow us to know victory  and swim  in the ecstasy  of the win
than steal the joy and happiness.
Leaving the victor with dead land, homeless people and new hate being reborn.

The trickery of the Gods are brilliant.
Men will dance on the graves of their enemies.
Then the dead will rise up and take back what was lost when the victor
become old and weak.

I  wonder do the God’s pity man for his hate and violence?
Does he turn away from the evil of man?
Turn a blind eye to man’s foolishness?

I like the wise quote. “All Soldiers find God in the foxholes.”
I wonder do the Gods look to save men in foxholes?
Maybe another trick?
Guns and war don’t lead to peace.
No-one win in war.
Just man tearing apart all kindness and tenderness way from their souls.

Part two

Sweet Brigitte
“Love denied was love alive; love granted was love deceased.”  Jack London

Old man sat at the tavern sitting by a young man drinking too much.
The old man told the young man. ” Whiskey won’t repair the problems.  Just a trick
to make us forget. The Gods like to play jokes on us humans. Make him feel strong
and powerful than make the same man feel as weak as a puppy dog and dumb as a rock.”

Young man eyes burning with anger asked the old man. “Are the Gods dead? Is there
any purpose or reason for this world? Why did God allow this world to fall to shit?”

The old man smiled and told the young man. “Once I loved a woman truly. We didn’t use
of the elixir of love in seconds, minutes or hours. We took years to appreciate the sweet
kiss and the kind embrace. I had rushed into love often. Used up all the passion.
Abused the tender flesh leaving nothing for the next day. I learn when you take love
without true love. It was just a sporting event.
I learn fasting in love allowed the heart to grow, the need to expand.
I believe the gods trick us. Allow us to think with our loin area instead of our heart.
Real love isn’t trying to push yourself into some sort of ecstasy where you rise
and fall without knowing true love.”

The young man asked. “Can love be rebirth? Can the sweet woman forgive us?”

Old man eyes become soft with sadness and told the young man. “Woman are tender for
a short time. They worship love with all their heart. They believe in the miracle of true love.
Give up their flesh without complaining. It is sad. Men are foolish. They do not appreciate the
gift. Use and abuse till the sweet woman is dead inside. Can you be forgiven? I don’t believe you
can. I believe another trickery of the gods. Give man everything. He doesn’t see the love and
kindness in the woman’s eyes. He eat and eat and he is still hungry. Love alive once can become
love denial my friend.”

The young man pushes away the whiskey. Tell the old man thank you and he left. He went home to
beg for forgiveness.

The old man watches the young man leave. He drink the whiskey. He looked toward the sky and
tell God. “You always win. Men learn too late to know good from evil.

Part three

She kissed me once and only once

She was a Texas beauty. Long legs and a smile that could light up the night.
She was as beautiful as a innocent child.
She was too wonderful to be touched by my dirty spirit.

I thanks her for the good company. I told her she was a gift to my tire heart tonight.
She requested a dance. The music was good and I drank enough Long Islands Ice teas
to become a skilled dancer.

We did the Texas two-step. I kept my polite distance from her.
She asked “Why do you fear me? Why do you keep me at a distance?

I told her. “God like to play tricks on us. Allow us to be near paradise and make
us wish for things we do not need. Men are born foolish. We eat and eat life till
there is nothing left. I have done this too often. Tonight I need to cherish your
smile and enjoy the dance.”

The young woman laughs and smiled. Told me. “You are sweeter than fresh fall honey.”
She kissed me once and only once. She left me with a good memory and place.
Maybe God didn’t always win?