Soldier’s View~by Norman Wilson

Powerful words and thoughts by a talented writer. Please read and enjoy.


Soldier’s View

Kindred are the spirits that have come forth
Spirits that have walked with me once before
As I shoulder on, off to the cries of war
Where graves lay un-dug on foreign shores

I am starving to see the rose and thistles back home
Where I would sit in the fields to write my poems
Then watch the gofers running busily by
Before they entered their holes in the ground before my eyes

I hear the bullets shearing through the air
Less than a distant second from the space, I share
As I wish, the battle was elsewhere
While the bombs blast in red blistering flare

There is panache in the words that I write
For I feel the dark of my words without light
As there is no description for the war that I fight
While death tries to seek all in blackest night

Let me go…

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